Mountain Climbing

I decided to switch it up this time. This is a poem I wrote about moving out of my hometown to a big city for school. I haven’t been writing as much poetry as I used to, but this one means a lot to me. Let me know what you think in the comments, if you’d like.


Mountain Climbing


I left a small town in my shadow

Steps falling like sunsets over the

Bridges I built by hand.

I’m not worried about

Too much snow or too little friends.


I’m not.


These things take time and time takes a toll,

a toll on these feet that have conquered mountains

and tiptoed across glass.


I’ve got one window.

I always leave it open,

A small square of air shouting

an escape.

It’s dark here,

Walls washed with licks of light

Flickering from the candle illuminating

my array of aspirations, obligations.


I always said that I’d never lose sight of home

Its in my phone

Pictures and postcards from people

who don’t know my address,

A trail of breadcrumbs to retrace

Sprinkled by superficial sendoffs

Swallowed up by the sparrow who sings on my shoulder,

Reminding me not to turn around.


Sometimes I do.

But I face the mountain before me and pack my bags.


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